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Melbourne Obstetric Medicine

@ Cabrini Mother & Baby Centre

In recognition of evolving knowledge and medical needs of mothers,

Cabrini Health has introduced an Obstetric Medicine service which complements its world-class obstetric offering, now housed in a purpose-built self contained setting.

Our experienced Obstetric Medicine physicians provide in-patient consultations for hospitalised maternity patients and outpatient appointments in the modern consulting suites of Cabrini Mother and Baby Centre, upon referral by an obstetrician, GP, or other specialist:

  • Pre-pregnancy optimisation of medical disorders and risks

  • Management of medical disorders, risks and complications during pregnancy

  • Clarification of common but concerning pregnancy-related symptoms

  • Liaison with other specialties for integrated care in complex pregnancy

  • Post-partum follow-up of medical disorders, risks and complications to optimise long-term health

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