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Dr Irena Idel

Irena has a focus on empowering women with chronic medical conditions, medical risk factors and acquired medical complications of pregnancy, to participate in a preventative and proactive approach to maternal and fetal wellbeing, aiming for improved ‘whole-of-life’ health outcomes.

Irena graduated with Honours from Monash University and completed her Physician training in Nephrology with a fellowship in Obstetric Medicine in 2011.  She is an Obstetric Medicine physician, and clinical lead for the Department of Obstetric Medicine, at Eastern Health and Cabrini Hospital.  Her other public appointment is as a Nephrologist at Eastern Health.  Irena is a Council member with the Society of Obstetric Medicine Australia and New Zealand (SOMANZ); and was awarded a SOMANZ certificate of Obstetric Medicine in 2018, in acknowledgement of clinical experience and contribution to the field.  She is actively involved in Obstetric Medicine teaching and research.

Dr Catherine Brumby

Catherine is a highly dedicated and motivated clinician with both local and international experience in caring for women with medically complicated pregnancies.  She holds a public appointment as a Nephrologist at Eastern Health, which is complemented by regular Obstetric Medicine involvement and teaching commitments.  She is a passionate and tenacious researcher with a mission to improve medical knowledge and clinical practice in the care of women with chronic diseases and acquired medical complications of pregnancy.  She is completing a PhD which focuses on hypertension in pregnancy and the optimisation of long-term maternal health.  She has also pursued primary research in pregnancy-related liver dysfunction, acute kidney injury and chronic hypertension in pregnancy and post-partum.  Catherine is a strong advocate for both personalised and holistic medical care. 

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Dr Bas Hanekamp

Bas is a dual-trained specialist in General Medicine and Nephrology and has been working in both fields across Eastern Health for the last decade since moving to Australia from the Netherlands in 2010. 


In addition, he has private rooms in Frankston and Peninsula Private Hospital.

Bas has a special interest in Obstetric Medicine and Acute Medicine and is also the convenor of an annual acute care medicine course. Furthermore, he enjoys and continues to work in remote areas and has gained broad medical knowledge and experience. 

He has a strong focus on personalised care and is a dedicated clinician. 

Dr Hui Liew

Hui graduated from The University of Melbourne and obtained specialist registration in Nephrology in 2015. She joined the Obstetric Medicine Consultant service at Eastern Health in 2015 and is passionate about delivering holistic and woman-centred care.


Hui has a strong interest in medical research, being recently awarded a PhD in vascular health and is the co-investigator for a number of medical trials, including those in obstetric medicine.  


Hui speaks fluent Mandarin and Malay.  She is particularly sensitive to the cultural diversity that exists in contemporary Melbourne.

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Dr Jennifer Yo

Jennifer is passionate about delivering the highest level of expert, personalised care to women who have medical disorders during pregnancy. She focuses on a supportive and empowering approach, with the goal of achieving the best outcomes for both mother and baby.


She completed her medical degree at Monash University with Honours in 2011 and undertook nephrology training at The Alfred Hospital and Royal Melbourne hospital, attaining her Fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 2018. She went on to complete prestigious international fellowships in Obstetric Medicine, Obstetric Nephrology and Glomerular disease at the University of Toronto, Canada. She has extensive experience in the care of women with medical conditions in pregnancy, with a special interest in kidney disorders.


She is actively involved in obstetric medicine research and is currently completing her PhD through Monash University investigating the role of endothelial dysfunction and transplant immunosuppression in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia. 

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